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Welcome to - Your Mobile XRF Testing Service

Our Services

Mobile XRF Testing is a mobile XRF testing service that will drive to your pawnshop or location to test metals for an accurate analysis of the elemental makeup of the items being tested. We specialize in testing gold and can provide you with an exact karat reading of each gold item or let you know if it is fake or plated.

On-Site Elemental Analysis

Our on-site elemental analysis services ensure that you get quick and reliable results without the need to send samples to a lab. We bring the testing to you, saving you time and providing you with immediate insights into the composition of the metals you need to analyze.

Convenient and Reliable

With, you can count on the convenience of having metal testing services brought directly to your location. Our mobile XRF testing is reliable and efficient, allowing you to make informed decisions based on accurate metal analysis results.

Expert Consultation

Beyond the testing, we offer full customer experience service with expert consultation. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the analysis results, providing insights and recommendations based on the elemental makeup of the items tested.

We Bring the Testing to You

At, we integrate with your schedule and location, bringing the testing directly to you for a seamless experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of sending samples to a lab and waiting for results. With our on-site testing, you get the answers you need, when and where you need them.

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